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Quality matters at every price - Every budget deserves quality - don't settle for less!

Wood Depot offers the right style of shutter for any budget as we believe every level of budget deserves quality without compromises.

We start with Wood-Rite - a very high quality basswood shutter without any compromises made for discerning cost-conscious consumers.  All solid wood construction utilizing high quality features such as; 15/16" beaded stiles, drop rails, and 3 1/2" classic flat louvers.  Electrostatic finishing (kind of a powder coating for wood) creates a buttery smooth finish; available in our two most popular paints; Right White & Arizona White.  Priced on parity with plastic shutters without any of the headaches.  An extremely high-value offering!  As nice as any shutter made anywhere in the US at any price.

A distinctive and marketable difference between our shutter and any others' is our patented louver connector.  During your presentation, you will appreciate the high quality touch point of the Wood-Rite tilt bar.  All things being equal (if there is another equal shutter with the quality of finish and basswood construction), we know you will choose us because of our louver connectors.  There is no comparison to the operation of this shutter vs. a stapled shutter.

Next is our Regal Shutter - A flagship product without any compromises fabricated with 1 1/16" beaded stiles, drop rails, oval louvers.  The distinctive profiles offer a softer looking shutter.  Solid wood construction made especially for demanding applications.  Available in a extensive palette of 26 designer colors and any custom color choice.

Our industrial coating process creates a buttery smooth, homogenously consistent finish throughout each shutter and throughout your customer's entire home.  Electrostatic finishing high-tech equipment ensures consistent application of 7 coats of finish over entire shutter.  The largest complaint of wood shutters has always been the lack of consistent quality finish.  See for yourself this distinctive product.  You will be proud and confident to offer our products to your most discriminating customer.

Bullnose L-frame & Z-frame create visual drama to harmoniously join with your existing window and/or room trim.  Our more decorative frames, Gallery Z-frame & Deco-frame, create stunning "picture frame" applications for both inside and outside mount criteria.

One of the most sought after looks today in high end home construction is visible natural wood characteristics. Our Timber Ridge Shutter is one of the most desirable wood styles for custom wood shutters. A fashionable real wood shutter that is unique and beautiful, our knotty shutters are of the finest quality and provide a truly custom look for your home.

Timber Ridge Knotty Shutters compliments your elegant rustic decor or can fulfill the popular "lodge" look with both clear and knotty grain structure. There is a tremendous amount of visible wood character throughout the shutter satisfying this very popular upscale design trend. Timber Ridge Knotty Shutters have become popular adding rustic elegance and beauty to any home while our other natural hardwood shutters, Regal Basswood Shutters, provide a more classic, clear grain tone for the more formal and traditional homes. 

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